What is the Most Attractive Beard Length

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  • Date: December 9, 2020
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What is the most attractive beard length?

This is a subjective question, as many people will have many differing opinions. However, according to fashion trends, the workplace, and women’s preference, it would seem neatly trimmed and close-to-the-face beard styles are the most attractive.

Fashion Trends

Men with beards in the fashion industry have well-kept and well-trimmed beards. It is rare a beard is pictured any longer than close to the face, unless the ad in question is targeting a certain demographic. Many times, beards in fashion rarely go beyond stubble, or a subtle hint of a beard, yet even so, these beards are clean with trimmed lines on the cheeks and neck.

The Work Place

If you work in an office or with food or any industry that deals with the public, it is altogether possible your boss will want your beard to be kept shorter rather than longer. This gives you more of a professional and mature look, especially if you wear collared shirts or suits of some kind. Longer beards can often give off an “unkempt” or “unclean” vibe.

Women’s Preference

Women love beards, however unless she is specifically into a certain type, she will appreciate a beard kept close to the face. Women are not prone to want to run their fingers through their man’s beards, nor do they like kissing so much hair. However, a man with a beard has a certain manly appeal, and she will find it sexy if her man keeps it properly groomed.

Say No to the Wildman

Longer beards, if properly groomed, trimmed, and combed, can be very attractive on the right man. But big and bushy beards that grow as they will are not attractive at all.

What is the most attractive beard length? A beard trimmed close to the face.

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