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Growing a beard is not that easy for a beginner beard grower. So you have to be prepared for a very trying time, especially the first 30 days. Whether you are aiming to have a full on long  beard or just a cropped one , the difficulty is the same. This beginner’s guide will show you how to survive these turbulent days.

Week 1

If you are used to that clean shaven feel, you will be tempted time and time again to do a number of things which you should not do. First, your beard growth will feel and look a bit weird and you will be tempted to try and control it, DON’T. it is important to leave your beard to grow naturally so that you can get a sense of the final shape of your beard. Don’t skew the results by using that shaver or razor.

Second, you will itch like a dog with a flea problem. Resist the urge to go on scratching, unless you want an infection to set in. The best remedy is lightweight beard oil. Apply a few drops either in the morning or after your shower in the evening.


Week 2

Week 2 is almost all about observing the results. This is where you know where your beard is thick and where it is patchy. The growth pattern will best inform you which style best fits you. The beard is still growing so no cutting or trimming still. If desired you should consider a growth supplement. It is normal that it is still itching by this time, so keep applying your beard oil.


Week 3

Week 3 means that the hardest part of your beard growing journey has come to an end. As a beginner beard grower you should be proud of yourself. By now the irritating itching is gone and you have relief. Your beard is starting to come along and get some good shape.  This is the time to use some good cleanser, usually a few times a week. Use a bristle brush to train your hairs. You can finally use that razor to clean up the hairs you don’t intend on keeping.


Week 4

On week 4 you should count this as a major achievement. The itching should be completely gone by now and your patches should be filled up. Your beard should be somewhat full and it is a good time to start of thinking of how to style it.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you are on week 4, many beginner beard grower s don’t make it here.

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