The Rise of the James Harden Beard

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  • Date: September 3, 2017
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8 Best of James Harden Beard Styles

James Harden is an American basket superstar that plays for Houston Rockets team of the NBA. He is one of the few people whose beard style has become a trend. His beard style became popular in 2009 after he failed to shave and decided to leave it untidy.

This was followed by a project by a Croatian designer Filip Peraic’ that demonstrated the look of James Harden’s beard in a variety of styles.

  1. Clean Shave

James Harden Beard Styles

This style requires shaving your facial hair on daily basis. Therefore, this beard style does not feature any facial hair apart from eyelashes, perfectly trimmed sideburns and eyebrows.

  1. Peach Fuzz

James Harden Beard Styles

Peach Fuzz is another top James Harden beard style that is popular with teenage boys. Moreover, the style features a fine growth of facial hair down the chin that resembles an initial sign of facial hair growth on the face.

  1. Stubble

James Harden Beard Styles

This style features a not long enough facial hair that could be mistaken for a beard and a not too short facial hair that could be confused with a clean shave.  The facial hair covers the skin beneath as it is of a suitable length.

  1. Harden’s goatee with a linked mustache

James Harden Beard Styles

Harden’s Goatee is one of the most popular beard styles in men. The style features mustache on both sides that joins with the hair on the chin. The style has remained one of the best James Harden beard styles since the 1990s with many referring to it as the circle beard.

  1. Trimmed beard with a thin mustache

James Harden Beard Styles

This beard style features well-trimmed facial hair that is in line with the jaw line and the chin. The style also involves sideburns that are trimmed and extending to the hair on the chin through the jaw line and a thin mustache that is slightly above the upper lip.

  1. Chin Curtain with a Trimmed Mustache

James Harden Beard Styles

Chin Curtain is another top James Harden beard style that involves a perfectly trimmed mustache with the hair on the chin, neck and the jaw line let to grow out of the face. The facial hair growth on this style leaves hair hanging from your chin to resemble a curtain.

  1. Overgrown goatee and mustache

James Harden Beard Styles

This style involves allowing trimmed beard and mustache to grow out without trimming. The style creates a casual type of beard that is not too long to be called a full-grown beard and not too short to be referred as trimmed.

  1. Full grown beard

James Harden Beard Styles

Full grown beard style is one of the famous James Harden-style that involves letting your beard to grow off the jaw line and the chin without trimming. It also features facial hair that entirely covers the cheeks and hangs towards the jaw lines on both sides.

The wrap up

The list above mentions the 8 best of James Harden beard styles. Surprisingly, most of these styles were discovered after the superstar allowed his beards to grow off out of laziness.

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