How to Trim a Grown Beard with Scissors

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  • Date: May 12, 2017
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A good trimmer is an answer to having an outstanding beard. Moreover, you should learn how to trim quickly using a wide variety of different tools such as electric shavers and scissors. This is because either of the tools can break down and make you regret placing all your resourcefulness in technology rather than just respecting it. Here are reliable simple steps on how to trim a grown beard with scissors.

  1. Wash Your Beard

The first step involves giving your beard a thorough wash. You should use a soap or just water that is purely lukewarm as this prevents frizz. Moreover, you should ensure that your hair is dry in the middle after washing and this can be done by using a hair dryer.

  1. Comb Your Beard

Secondly, comb your beard by using a comb that is wide enough to be also used later in the trimming process. This is by using beard combs as they are a bit soft and therefore cannot harm your skin.

  1. Combing Technique

Combing also requires a good technique to ensure a good outcome. The best technique is to comb the hair downwards and then do it towards the other direction.

  1. Cutting Side one

After combing, you should carefully start cutting the hair from either side. This is by drawing the comb through the beard at an inclined angle while nipping off the length of the hair through the teeth of the comb. However, you should always be keen on the amount of hair that protrudes from the comb to ensure an even trimming.

  1. Cutting Side Two

You should then repeat the same procedure on the second side to ensure that you now have a shorter and a tidier beard on both sides.

  1. Trimming the chin with a pair of scissors

This stage requires a lot of attention as it can lead to awkward results when it is done hurriedly. You should comb against the direction of the hair to ensure that the hair is a bit frizzing and then repeat the process on cutting as you did on the two sides. This leaves your beard neat, tidy and of a uniform length throughout.

  1. Washing your beard

You should then wash your beard after ensuring that it is of the desired even length. This is very important as it prevents the tiny cut hairs from getting into unlikely places such as your food, clothes or bed.

  1. Mansteurise or use Beard Oil

The last but not least step of how to trim a grown beard with scissors.This step gives your beards that final look and shine. Finally, you can then look at the mirror to see your stunning face after this step.


From the simple steps above, you now know how to trim a grown beard with scissors. These steps will guarantee you a fine, neat beard that allows you to stand out as a modern man.

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