Beard Fade – What You Need To Know

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  • Date: October 29, 2020
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Beard Fade – What You Need To Know?

Fashion trends and styles come and go with time. There are a number of attractive beard styles that look just fine on every face and on men of every age. One of those styles is Faded Beard style. Faded beard is just like faded hair. The hairs are trimmed in a way that the top of hair – or in case of beard, bottom – are kept long and trimmed gradually from the side to the bottom. It leaves a smooth transition from big to no hair.

Some people like to adopt a particular style just to stay in line with the contemporary styles while others adopt a strict dress and fashion code as some sort of cultural-religious or cult association as we all know Harley Davidson’s biker brotherhoods of the United States. The most prominent feature of those bikers is a long beard, but beard fashion doesn’t end with them. People all around the world keep a beard. Some won’t shave it off their entire lifetime. For Muslims, it is considered the symbol of purity to have a beard, and they also have proper measurements for the ‘Muslim’ beard.

However, most people keep a beard as a style and in fashion sense. A thick beard is considered a sign of masculinity and strength for most men. But not all men are fortunate enough to have a good natural beard, which doesn’t need much attention to look good. Thanks to the hairstylists and fashion designers, making your beard look appealing isn’t a dream anymore.

The main point to keep in mind for having a good faded beard is to blend hair, beard, and sideburns as one. You get this right, and you may stand out in a crowd, get it wrong, and you can look as ugly as an alien from low budget sci-fi. Most importantly, this style is popular because it works for almost all types of faces. A faded beard leaves the impression of control and precision in the personality. Beard can’t just grow and get into shape. You need to take care of it and do it the right way to achieve a good style.

Step By Step Guide

Here is the step by step guide to achieving a perfect faded beard:

  • First of all, determine the length of your chin hair you want. You need to decide carefully because you have to trim the hair from here to the right up to your skin.
  • Shave clean your sideburns right against Adam’s apple with a trimmer.
  • Start trimming from top of chin hair to the shaven area with the flow.
  • Your Faded Beard is ready. All you need is a razor, trimmer, beard comb, and scissors.

Quick Tip

Beard fade can couple with faded hair to give an extra cool look.

The pair of faded hair on top and bottom of the face is an added benefit of this style as there aren’t many beard styles that go hand in hand with hair.

Your beard looks clean, and you look dashing, as well as confidence in this style. Just give it a try and see the difference for yourself.

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