2017 Best Beard Trimmers On The Market

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  • Date: May 13, 2017
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Being clean shaven is not an advantage as it used to be. The beard today has taken over and it gives confidence to the guys who spot perfectly trimmed ones. The ladies also like the bearded guy as opposed to a clean shaven one. We think this is enough to convince you to grow a fabulous beard. Once you have done that, you need a beard trimmer which will keep it looking nice and presentable.

We will try and guide you with this list of the b. They are in no particular order.

2017 Best Beard Trimmers

1. The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3500


The number one reason that this beard trimmer is here is its simplicity of use. It is so simple to use that you enjoy it.

The next best thing is that it is cordless, thus gives you room to navigate your beard appropriately. The other good thing you will be glad to hear is that it is very affordable.

The Phillips Norelco Beard trimmer is also skin friendly as the blade is made of titanium. It has 20 different length settings each    .5mm with adjustability of 10mm. It is impossible to nick yourself with this beard trimmer in any way, shape or form.

It also comes with accessories namely a stubble comb, power adapter, and a beard comb. These accessories will come in handy when using the trimmer.


It is also water resistant and you simply pass it though some faucet water to clean the hairs stuck and store it until next time. It comes pre-charged which is good if you bought it when travelling as it is ready to go.

These features make the Phillips Norelco Beard trimmer 3500 join our list of 2017 best beard trimmers.


2. The Conair Men’s i-Stubble



This trimmer is all about perfect length of your stubble. It is one of the most precise in the market with a range movement between length’s of .4mm and can go to as high as 5mm.


If you have a thick and dark beard and you want that perfect 5 o’clock shadow, then this is the tool to use. You won’t go wrong at any one time. It has a unique feature of a floating contour head which helps it ergonomic design perfect for shaving. If you flip down the guide you can easily shape your goatee, sideburns and mustache to look as trendy as you like.

The only issue it has is that it is not water proof. So when you need to clean this wonderful machine just pop the top off and use the brush to clean away any debris o the blades. Clean up is quick and painless which is why coupled with the other attributes, the Conair men’s i-stubble makes it to this  list of the 2017 best beard trimmers.


3. The Philips Norelco QT4070 Stubble Trimmer Pro (last but not least on this list of 2017 best beard trimmers)



The Philips Norelco QT4070 Stubble Trimmer Pro is one of the more upgraded trimmers. It has 19 separate settings to cater for everyone imaginable who has a beard.


It also has one of the longest length settings and can extend up to 18mm from a start of .5mm.The increments are 1mm. It comes with a set of tools to use namely a cleaning brush, two combs, and a charger.

One of the more notable features that this trimmer possesses is the turbo boost which helps you go through a thick and bushy beard just like butter. The other is that it has a vacuum feature that will leave the room you do your grooming in free of hair all over.

It also has an led light show at the side which makes it easy to see how much power you have left.

The Philips Norelco QT4070 Stubble Trimmer Pro is really one of the fancier and reliable trimmers out there on the market today. This is why it has made it the list of 2017 best beard trimmers.

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